Highs and Lows that Make Formula One Legendary

Juan Fangio 1957No one thought Achilles’ the hero had a weakness, but eventually, a part that is so minor proved to be his weak link. Well, every legend has his high and low moments, from Oedipus to Hercules and many more.

So it is not any different with the legendary Formula One that has come to be adored by millions in the world since its inception in the 1940s. As a racing buff, you need to acquaint yourself with the memorable moments of racing in order to really appreciate where the hunger to drive a contraption at 350mp/h comes from.

Here are some of those moments that have helped stoke the fire of hunger for more amongst drivers and fans of Grand Prix:

The mythical drive by Juan Fangio, 1957: Without doubt, he is reputed to be one of the greatest drivers in F1, and in the German GP at Nürburgring, he proved exactly why. Racing in the toughest tracks of the time, he dropped to 3rd after a problem in the pit but after getting back on, he drove like a daredevil breaking the record on the lap 9 times to bring his Maserati home 1st in front of a thunderstruck crowd.

Jim Clark’s Oil leak misfortune, 1962: The last race at Prince George was to determine the winner between Clark and Graham Hill. Clark bolted out like a bullet and Hill had no chance. The title was Clark’s but a missing lock washer changed all this with 20 laps to go leading to an oil leak and Clark’s Lotus had to retire. Talk of bad luck.

Tightest F1 finish at Monza, Italy 1971: Back then drama was frequent at Monza, also considered the fastest track. During the final lap, Peter Gethin, in a BRM, was fourth, but like a typhoon, he hurtled down and won the race by a hundredth of a second.

·         Monaco Jinxed Finish line, 1982: Ordinarily, F1 drivers are hungry for the finish line, but in Monaco 1982, no one seemed capable of reaching it. Firstly, one of the lead drivers, Arnous, skidded at the pool. Prost took the lead but also lost control. Riccardo Patrese took the lead but also stalled letting Didier take the lead only to run out of fuel. Andrea de Cesaris and Derek Daly who were behind could not take the lead as they had stalled too. Luckily, Patresse got his Brabham back and won the jinxed race.

Death of Ayrton Senna, 1994: He is one of the greatest drivers to ever grace F1, but at Imola, doing an estimated 190mph, he rammed into a wall and died. The loss is still felt to date.

Felipe Massa’s 39 second championship, 2008: Unforgettable is the way to put it. Massa had put a perfect run and Hamilton was at the back. This was the final race, lap and corner. The championship was his, but as fate would have it, Hamilton passed Timo Glock and managed a fifth position, which was all he needed to win his first title.

These moments are just a tip of the ice berg because F1 has its full basket of shocking and awesome moments. From Prost and Senna battles, Schumacher’s packing incident at Monaco 2006 and myriad crashes. You just have to catch every race lest you miss these delightful moments.