Why watching Formula One Races is good for you


All year round, millions of fans flock venues where Formula One events are being held. Fans from every corner of the world watch this sporting event on television. Globally, the estimated number of Formula 1 fans falls at over 500 million. The question that beckons is whether you can be counted as one of those people who are thrilled by high speed sporting activities. What does the Formula One have in stock for you? Well, for starters, the hype behind this sporting activity makes it attract viewership. Just like there are people who love watching soccer, lawn tennis or golf, motor racing can be your darling sport.

A whole new experience

Brazil happens to have the largest Formula One fan base. F1’s broadcasters estimate that almost 86 million Brazilians follow all the races keenly. Other diehards include Italians and Spaniards. The latter are inspired, in part, by Fernando Alonso. He is one of the most decorated F1 champions. In addition, Italy boasts of a number of racing teams. Good examples include Pirelli and Ferrari. Watching Formula One races brings you in touch with some of the most exciting people in the world. In particular, the races are never without beautiful women and images of world cities that you have never been to.

Ability to impress

Every sport has its set of rules. People get impressed when they hear others talking authoritatively about a sport they love. Formula One is no different. By following the happenings in the sport, you soon become conversant with the scoring system, qualifiers and things like those. There are also many things happening both inside and outside circuits. As a fan, you get to find out who received disqualification, arguments within a team and when the next race is coming up. Not everyone knows this. With every race, your knowledge of the sport grows. You can use this to impress your friends whenever the chance comes.

Travelling across the world

Formula One calendar has 19 races per season. That means 19 different destinations across the globe. Here is a chance for you to travel across the world, albeit virtually. Viewership of Formula One races helps you sharpen your knowledge in geography. Whether the race is in Sochi, Sao Paulo, Abu Dhabi or Shanghai, there is always a feature on TV about what makes such cities unique. It also makes you go search for information on host countries online.